School of the World is a learning center  and as such it is open for admissions the whole year

round. The parent and guardians are welcome to come in and we will be very pleased to meet with

them and show them around.


Visit the school


Visitors are invited to call the administration at +32 485 37 46 45 from Monday to Friday between

9.00am and 5.00pm or to fill in the Visit Form to be able to arrange a convenient day and time.


Entry Requirements


Children applying for Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) are not required to have any prior

knowledge in English.


From Year 1 onwards, we will invite your child into school for an interview in English and from Year

3 onwards children will have to take an English test. We will also request copies of their reports from

previous schools.


Complete an Admission Form


You can download the Admission Form and send it to

Please, fill in one form per child.

Get in Touch


Address: Clos de la Glaisière 06, 1140 Evere







+32 498 51 79 16

+32 485 37 46 46

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